Ma Ja Ka, dream body, has entered the interweb

majaka2headerCreated as a dream body to satisfy Marshall James Kavanaugh’s waking sleeping endeavors, Ma Ja Ka has been wandering across the greater northeast for the better part of a year now. And yet he still has yet to leave a sizeable enough mark on the very unreal space of the internet. Sure there has been plenty of instagram photos, some youtube videos, a few tweets, and plenty of other tags on Facebook, but as of yet there has not been a concrete enough benchmark for his omniscient presence in the collective subconscious.

A very real tweet left by Terence J Harding, a passerby on the New York City L train, following Ma Ja Ka’s live subway performance along with Mariana J. Plick, Willow Zef, and other great circus performers.

Look no more, for he now has his own twitter feed and tumblr, as well as an Instagram. You can follow him either here or here or here. Enjoy!

Ma Ja Ka, dream body, has entered the interweb

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