Lost travels to España


For the next several weeks I will be an expat wandering through the country that got my juices going the last time around, Spain. Particularly the city of Barcelona. Oh Barcelona, the muse is strong in you. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve written since the last time we met.

Be sure to expect some poetry along the way. Stay tuned. It’s going to get real good in only a few days.

Travels will take place from March 21 through April 10. If you’re in the country, look me up. I’ll be writing and reading dream poems all over this precious landscape.

Lost travels to España

2 thoughts on “Lost travels to España

  1. hey, i saw a copy of your zine “a dream dialectic” in kasa de la muntanya in barna this evening and gave it a quick read. i was intrigued because i share this kind of travelling experience. i just wanted to let you know that i was a little put off by the use of male pronouns to describe the “rucksack wanderer”. i’m sorry if this seems a little too harsh… you always talk of a “he” (…that always finds a place to stay because people are inspired by “his” energy). a woman that helps you out is described as that cute “femme activist”… you’re writing after the big breakthroughs of feminism, you don’t have an excuse to ignore your gender, race and other socio-cultural capital that enables you to travel. beatnik writing is so 20th century… CrimethInc.’s Days of War, Nights of Love is filled with travel stories that might refresh your content a bit.
    anywayz, hope this finds u well. we may have a great conversation somewhere down the road, stuck at a desolate gas station with a cardboard sign saying ANYWHERE.

    1. Hey, really happy to hear some feedback from you. I love how much of a traveler’s mecca Barcelona is. So many people from so many different places passing through the squats and the punk shows. I’m back from it now, and feel the three weeks I spent there wasn’t enough.
      Anyway, I’m sorry you found the use of male pronouns jarring. I think this narrative style is less reflective of the present paternal society we are all fighting against than me just trying to tell others about my experience. The various archetypes that the book explores are representative of myself and Willow Zef’s discussion along the road about who we are and how we fit into this world. Specifically “The Jester” (myself) and “The Mystic” (Zef). The use of “he” and other male pronouns is merely my attempt to talk about an ideal form of myself in objective, and yet surreal terms. This is not meant to be interpreted as a manifesto of “the way” or a universal ideal. It is meant more as a human travel story that is just as relatable as the 7 billion other narratives that are out there that coexist with it in the same world. At its strongest points, it captures what is going on in the subconscious realm of this universe during this great time of gradual change, and at its worst it is a poetic ego trip.
      I’ll have to check the book you suggested. I’ve read Evasion also published by Crimethinc, and the thing that struck me most was the narrator never gave his/her gender away. It definitely allowed for the narrative to be relatable to all readers. I would agree with you that the Beats are so 20th century, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say their romanticism is outdated or not in line with modern cultural developments. Their battle was the same battle, and we as their children or grandchildren have so much more to work with (obviously technology, but also words and compassion and understanding of those that are different from us) to come together and finally overthrow this old aesthetic that has been polluting our futures for centuries now. It feels very close. And if this generation doesn’t get distracted from its current goals, we just might see an end to this system in our lifetime. I’m very excited to be on the road during that time.
      Anyway, yes, let’s keep in touch! Let’s hope our travels bring us across the same paths again in the future. It would be nice to further compare your experiences in clowning beside mine in jest. Until then, be well, and continue the dream!

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