Typewritten Memories


Between performances at Artscape yesterday, I sat at a typewriter and wrote poems for passing audience members. This was a really exciting exercise for my own inner voice. Some of the stories that people shared with me really made my heart beat to a higher drum.

Some of my experiences:
+ I was told I look like the French poet Arthur Rimbaud.
+ I wrote a really masterful love letter, one better than I have ever written for my own sweethearts, for a timid teenager to give to his girlfriend
+ I received several anonymous love letters myself, that were much better written than anything I had written all day
+ I made a girl smile and cry as I wrote a poem about a day she spent with her family, who she doesn’t get to see that often.
+ I extolled success, hope, and inspiration.
+ I watched as multiple people smiled and laughed and felt the warmth of their own breath and the sun of a bright day rising.

I don’t know what else to say other than, this exercise was beautiful and much appreciated. I have learned it is like I always say, poetry is alive and well. So thank you!

Typewritten Memories

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