Dream Poem no. 001: Oh Mighty Summer


Oh mighty summer.
Magic made in wild open fields
Along lakes rippling white and blue and yellow green
In the short soft gust of a late afternoon breeze
Oh, how do I come here now?
Is it with the wonderment of the soul or adventure of the gut?
The air filled with the sounds of a distant wildlife
Hawk sings from tree to stone cliffside
And cricket fiddles on romantically
This rhythm. This being. This carriage for the heart.
Feels oh so natural.
Oh summer now.
Take your warm gentle airs
And lift me now ever so light
I want to be one with the clouds
And two for their pearly composure.
Give me breath and appetite
So that some day I will be the tree before he loses his leaves
The mountain while she’s still green and humble
And this body of water fed by Spring
A host to all life in this pleasant valley.


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Dream Poem no. 001: Oh Mighty Summer

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