An excerpt from Fire. Sun. Salutation. – A Midsummer Day’s Dream


An excerpt from my new book Fire. Sun. Salutation
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from the story “A Midsummer Day’s Dream”:

The cold waves of the lake reflect softly in the snow as the sun peaks out behind several clouds roasting the leaves on the trees to turn yellow green under pressure of draught. The snow falls without too much hesitancy and as it settles it turns the white tundra into a puddle of milky resolution creating streams and rivers that navigate the patchwork of the ground until finally coming to rest at the bottom of the cerulean body named Lake Chaubunagungamauganesha. It is hot as hell and the water boils sending steam into the air creating the fog of an outdoor sauna with entire landscapes melting in front of their eyes and time coming to a standstill each breath long thought out and constituting a lifetime’s worth of memories and decidual attachment. Still the snow continues to fall and pile high covering them and their surroundings in frost-laden reminiscings looking freshly decadent while butterflies flock in the air one by one across the sky reputedly beating their wings gracefully rapidly imminently with flagrance in their small truculent hearts.

The group of three stops and admires the tree on fire in the woods. They whisper to each other.

“It’s as if it doesn’t even happen,” says Hector Salvia

To finish the story you’ll have to grab a copy for yourself. Fire. Sun. Salutation. is available now! It is a collection of 9 short stories of erotic surreal splendor. You won’t be disappointed.

An excerpt from Fire. Sun. Salutation. – A Midsummer Day’s Dream

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