Make Poetry an Art Form


Make Poetry an Art Form (2015)

(dedicated to the poet’s poet Bob Kaufman and the North Shore beat scene he crafted at the tip of his tongue)

Make poetry an art form
let it curve with the landscape
and bear fruit of significant change
the writer can no longer sit
behind closed doors
stuck behind the pen
let the poet stand free
let her step onto the street
and shout your refrain
at top volume
so that the people come to hear it

Make poetry an art form
let your audience be the commuters
the laymen
the blind laborers of the day
all looking for an escape
let it be the youth
the apathetic
the reality TV watchers
waiting to be awakened
let it be the hungry
the broke
the battered and beaten
all those downtrodden
who need a sense of empowerment

Make poetry an art form
break through that abstract archetype
of the writer as a silent type
let your words be heard
loud and clear
across physical barriers
and spiritual divides
get creative and raise the spirit
by stepping back
and pointing to others
the way
show them they too can speak
and I mean SPEAK!
with individuality

Make poetry an art form
live the words you read
have your movements be accents
your posture be the beat
have the body be the stanza
your form making it breathe
and be sure you do more with your voice
than just read
carry the poetry into your aura
and have it become a lifestyle
that you lead

Make poetry an art form
create a performance
in the every day
so that your friends
are lead to dream
but make sure
they take the next step
and connect
their subconscious world
to this inspired reality

Make poetry an art form
have it be the voice of change
and revolutionize this society
which has lead us
so far adrift
from the instrument of humanity
it’s past time now
that we stand upright
speak clearly to our surroundings
and carry ourselves back
to the essence
of our beingness in now

It is time
to make poetry an art form
Let the words
be the way
(of the world)




Make Poetry an Art Form

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