Love for the Rio Grande


Is it possible for a man to fall in love with a river? If so, how does he make love to her? Can he do more than swim in her ether? Does he clean and guard her shores from other human intrusion? Does he sit and listen to her endless soft ripples along a thousand eddies? Does he dream himself naked in her hotsprings? Does he weep with her at sunrise and at dusk follow the moon’s tide across her wavy reflection? If he really does love her, does he languish in her transperency all the way to the ocean? Does he climb her rock face cliffs to get a better view of her curves? Does he wade in her rapids even when she is boiling? Does he find her beautiful in all seasons? How can man ever even begin to express his love for a rio so grande? I ask because I think I may have fallen for her and the endless life she offers.

Love for the Rio Grande

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