Thanks Patrons!

At the end of last year, I revamped my Patreon campaign to be more like a pay wall to my writing. For a single dollar a month patrons are able to get full access to my forthcoming publication, Travel By Haiku, as I go through various edits with it. I really appreciate the people who have subscribed so far.

coverThis month I cashed out about $50 from my Patreon account and used that money to publish a new chapbook by fellow writer Stephanie B. called Letters To Aunt Lucy, Chapter 1. It is a really exciting collection of writing that delivers extremely poignant verse back and forth between a spokesperson from our generation and our primordial ancestor Lucy. The conversations delve deep into the human condition and deliver a really nice resolve to so many common day dramas we face as human beings.

Without the support of my patrons, this project would’ve been on a lot tighter of a budget, so thank you everyone who contributed. Small amounts really go a long way to helping these imagined projects come to fruition.


You can contribute to my Patreon campaign and guarantee that I can continue with projects like these here:

The rewards are pretty fun. As mentioned above $1 a month gets you full access to Travel By Haiku. You can read it however you please. A little more gets you access to more of my short stories and longer works, both published and previously unpublished. For $50 a month, I’ll be the driver on your next road trip. It’ll be like Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters driving across the US in a modern day clown car. Send me some love. Really anything helps.

Thanks Patrons!