Travel By Haiku is out now!


Very excited to announce the release of my first poetry collection, TRAVEL BY HAIKU, released on A Freedom Books, and available now here:

Grab your copy today!

Travel By Haiku: Volumes 1-5, Still Trippin’ Across The States is a collection of haikus that I wrote over the last two years while traveling from coast to coast across the country. Follow my poetic form, Marshall Deerfield, as he drives through deserts, over mountains, past oceans, and into the setting sun. Each haiku will transport you to a place closer to our native earth.

From Sage Kohen, author of Seeds of Illumination:
“Marshall Deerfield takes us beyond the horizon of hope with Travel By Haiku and reveals the wild, wonderous places (within and without) where freedom still reigns.”

Thank you to everyone who made this possible and supported me along the way! Can’t wait to take you on the road with me in reading this poetry.




Travel By Haiku is out now!

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