America, The Brave


Today’s America
pits a racist depiction of
this nation’s indigenous peoples
against Smokey the bear
in a world series of baseball
ain’t that some irony

folks glued to their televisions
are distracted by
two comic book villains
attempting to win the presidency
convinced one of them
will make a difference

But, there is still hope …

The modern heroes
distributed by Netflix Originals™
are a brother wearing a hoodie
and a sister who overcomes
her abuser

(It has to be said, though
it’s sad to see these plots
still alive on the big screen
when they should’ve ended in the 70s
when they were first written)

On the plains of North Dakota
real heroes are born
from their ancestral lands
staging protests
to protect the water
of eighteen million citizens

has never been so brave

And yet,
the media continues its silence
its silence
is the speech of an oppressor
it is the signature
on death warrants
it speaks volumes
even if it is unheard

Prayer through Poetry
Poetry for Peace
We stand for Standing Rock
in Peaceful Prayer

Our oppressors
will wear themselves out
And this nation
will come to realize
what bravery really is:

It is the strength
to stand
in front of the war machine
and continue
to shout LOVE
It is the PRAYER
for PEACE.

America, The Brave