07/23/2014, “Back at the Baltimore Alternative Fair, something is going on at Little Berlin; not sure what. “Trash yoga” has been replaced with a lot more newspapers, live portrait ink painting, and a man typing poems-by-donation on a typewriter.

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04/25/2014, “A psychedelic tapestry serves as backdrop. Dream catchers float in the air. Audience members line the artwork-covered walls. In the next room, more art, more audience: A TV casts a sea of haze atop a mock fireplace, while half the room swims in a light installation. Poet and musician Marshall James Kavanaugh gives a dream-story preamble before donning a unicorn mask and blasting away on trumpet.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Brion Shreffler; “Art, fashion, and rock join forces in local shows” [the dream oven]

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10/09/2013,, Juliana Reyes; “This Little Berlin art exhibit is part video-game, part real-life” [little berlin]

10/09/2013, “Despite Tussman’s answers, the mystery is not quite solved. Limits and Demonstrations is a spellbinding exhibition that causes the viewer to question why there is a disconnect between the virtual and the real, and analyze his or her own efforts to close that gap.  With the case of Little Berlin’s Lula Chamberlain retrospective, there is definitely more that lurks beneath the surface with this artist.

Paperclips 215, Kat Zagaria; “Limits and Demonstrations: A Lula Chamberlain Retrospective at Little Berlin” [little berlin]

10/01/2013, “Nothing in what Tusman or game designers Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy say about Chamberlain – who was ostensibly forgotten by art history because of a move to Mexico decades before her death – hints at her non-existence in physical reality. The idea of a virtual artist adds an interesting wrinkle to conceptual art, which often exists as a concept without a form; here it’s the artist that is imaginary, the work real.

Metro, Shaun Brady; “New exhibit looks at the intersection of art and video games” [little berlin]

07/19/2013, Art Attack, Nick Suklennik; “Staying at home” [the dream oven]

03/21/2013, “The opening night party, a reception unlike any other, gave an idea of what’s to come throughout March. A number of shared experiences, interactive performances scheduled through the night, involved the crowd in the creation of the “new world.” Elaborate structural art pieces stationed throughout the intimate gallery space were explored, inhabited and manipulated by party-goers and the happy-go-lucky Lords of the New World—monsters and human characters created and played by artists and actors connected to the gallery.”

The Art Blog, Julius Ferraro, “The New World Order of Plato’s Porno Cave at Little Berlin” [plato’s porno cave]

03/15/2013, “Once upon a time, there was a big bread oven conspicuously placed in the middle of the dingy basement on Frankford Avenue. Just sitting there, taking up space, front and center to many a basement house show.”

Jump Magazine, Nikki Volpicelli, “A Kiln For Creativity” [the dream oven]

03/14/2013, “Releasing its audiences from the conventional gallery experience, the current exhibition at Kensington’s Little Berlin Gallery uses ideas from Plato’s Republic to explore the evolution of a new world outside of the familiar. Plato’s Porno Cave: The New World fuses ancient and modern cultures and is influenced by the works of both Plato and, the Mayan Popol Vuh creationist text. The idea arose from a series of “what if’s.” What if the world ended with the Mayan calendar, what if humanity had to recreate society?” Art Attack, Amanda V. Wagner, “What If?” [plato’s porno cave]

03/13/2013, “When I met PPC creators and curators Marshall James Kavanaugh and Augustus Depenbrock at Little Berlin, I was left to marvel at the bizarre remnants of the March 2 opening reception, a spectacle that took not only six months to conceptualize, but a cast and crew of more than 35 friends and friends of friends to bring to life.”

Philadelphia Weekly, Nicole Finkbiner, “Plato’s Porno Cave Is a Surreal Universe You Won’t Find Elsewhere” [plato’s porno cave]

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06/14/2012, “Every so often, a scrappy little promoter with no budget except the expansive one in his brain will manage to stack a bill four high with ALL KILLER, NO FILLER talent that somehow falls together like a perfect live-action mixtape.”

Philebrity, “This Evening Unchain Your Brain” [the dream oven]

02/15/2012, “Recording their Key Studio Session last week, I was able to dissect the interplay: Hamilton plays rhythm bass chords in a sharp, punchy, aggressive manner; Ben Contois plays lead bass licks that run the gamut from guitar solos an octave down to eerie organ-sounding arpeggios; and Marshall James Kavanaugh plays bass-bass, all washed out and rumbly as he delivers a robust Ian Curtis-esque vocal.”

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12/3/2011, We’re the American dream the way it was suppose to be, standing up for your rights being an individual,’ Kavanaugh said.”

ABC News, “Occupy Philly stages rally at Independence Hall” [occupy philly]

10/21/2011, “One of the only things Acid Kicks take more seriously than their bass guitars are their dreams. They coined the term “dream-punk” to describe their cosmic-minded, noisy, forward-thrusting and electrically hypnotic music. But dream-punk isn’t just a genre.”

Philadelphia Weekly, Elliott Sharp: “Feature: Deep Inside The Pyramidic Valley With Philly Dream-Punks Acid Kicks” [acid kicks]

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