The American Dream Is Trending…

“The American Dream is trending…”
Hunter S. is rolling out of his grave
“We almost found it,” he says
“The American Dream. It’s not dead.”

But look at all those 
who have died to claim it.
Alton Sterling. Philando Castille.
Sandra Bland. 
The people of Nice. 
The people of Orlando.
The people of Beirut.
The people of Manbij.
and for more than two decades
the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The American Dream is not peaceful
it is not something you bring home
to your wife and kids
the American Dream is all the hate
and greed we read in a RNC speech
it’s the leader that gives our children guns
it’s the media that turns us against ourselves.

The American Dream is an abusive relationship
it’s rape, 
it’s pillage, 
it’s psychic vampirism for the cash-strapped and homeless,
it’s shoot a man and leave him for dead
then give itself a paid vacation.

The American Dream says, “All lives matter!” then fears and kills those that don’t look like himself.
The American Dream says, “I love the Blacks. I love the Gays. The Hispanics love me.” then throws them and everyone under a bus, or behind bars, or deports them to drown in the ocean.

The American Dream does not know how to love.
The American Dream does not know how to live.
The American Dream is one of the worst episodes of reality TV on television.
We shouldn’t allow it to be our waking reality.

The American Dream is trending…
The American Dream is dead
and we can kill it
if we stop feeding it,
if we don’t let it consume us,
if we hear it shout those last desperate cries as it hangs onto the edge of a cliff, 
and we let it go free and fall.

The American Dream is dead.
It’s time we wake up from this nightmare
and dream of something else.

The American Dream Is Trending…

We went to Maine and all we found was the American Dream


We went to Maine and all we found was the American Dream.

Camped out on a lake in the mountains
Swam and canoed in the clouds in the morning
Felt the stillness, the subtelty, the cool-breeze warmth of this raw American dreamland and then rested a little till early afternoon.
There is where there were trees floating in fog that swayed like men
And men standing nearby that settled down like the trees on the horizon
With leaves changing all the shades of red and orange.
Islands only approachable during low tide.
Whole areas of land rustic and uncivilized
Small hill tops
Water like glass
Heaven’s playground
Hop to and fro
Gallop like a goose
In the honky tonk air
This is how simple life could be
Fashion yourself a rich pilgrim
And climb into the ease of the earth
Don’t think too deeply
Just imagine you are there
And there you will be
The American Dream
Opening up wide at the seams.

We went to Maine and all we found was the American Dream