A-Politico Absurdia


A few days ago, I stopped by the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in Boulder, Colorado. The campus was pretty quiet and at first look, everything was a little too typical of a college campus. 

But then tiny blips of magic began to pop out to me: a stencil of Allen Ginsburg spray painted on the library drop off box, a sculpture of Kali hiding on the windowsill of the administration building, a geodesic dome greenhouse, a tattered poem about oneness with environment hanging from a willow tree. The students left offerings to the spirits and fairies of the Colorado wilderness. Their administration seemingly encourages this.

Under a giant sycamore, I found this little fairy altar. A small box with a poem about Hologram Reality on its roof, sheltering a little metallic angel and a giant quartz crystal. It felt more than appropriate to leave a copy of A-Politco Absurdia behind in this tiny fairy home for someone else to find.

A-Politico Absurdia is a manifesto written by Jozef Maguire and myself about the coming dream punk rĂªvelution of consciousness. It was released earlier this year, and took the last 5 years to assemble into its current dream-inspiring form. 

You can read more about it and download a digital copy here: http://bit.ly/APoliticoAbsurdia

A-Politico Absurdia