News & Updates 1/18/2020


Winter Blues won’t slow me down and the novel continues to be written, but let’s take a break from that to post about something I’m really excited about.

This coming week, Police In The Wilderness will be released. Police In The Wilderness is a collection of plays by Cameron Christopher Stuart that I worked closely with the author over several late fall and early winter months to publish. The book features two versions of the same play written and revisited along with various dramatic stagings by Saints of an Unnamed Country over a ten year period, creating an experience to fully absorb the psychedelic audacity of this wild expose on the human wilderness. With themes of climate change, life in a dystopian police state, and mind-altering philosophical dialectics on the birth and death of poetic meaning, this collection could’ve chosen no better time to make its grand entrance into our collective consciousness.

Cameron and I worked together to make this release something special, complete with photos from previous performances, endnotes to give the reader some extended reading to explore, and illustrations by the virtuoso Stephanie Beattie.

Copies will be included with tickets to the live staging of Police In The Wilderness at Patch Works in Brooklyn, NY during its 5 show run from January 22-25, 2020 as part of The Exponential Festival.

Read an interview about the play here:
Link to get your tickets is here:


News & Updates 1/18/2020

Thanks Patrons!

At the end of last year, I revamped my Patreon campaign to be more like a pay wall to my writing. For a single dollar a month patrons are able to get full access to my forthcoming publication, Travel By Haiku, as I go through various edits with it. I really appreciate the people who have subscribed so far.

coverThis month I cashed out about $50 from my Patreon account and used that money to publish a new chapbook by fellow writer Stephanie B. called Letters To Aunt Lucy, Chapter 1. It is a really exciting collection of writing that delivers extremely poignant verse back and forth between a spokesperson from our generation and our primordial ancestor Lucy. The conversations delve deep into the human condition and deliver a really nice resolve to so many common day dramas we face as human beings.

Without the support of my patrons, this project would’ve been on a lot tighter of a budget, so thank you everyone who contributed. Small amounts really go a long way to helping these imagined projects come to fruition.


You can contribute to my Patreon campaign and guarantee that I can continue with projects like these here:

The rewards are pretty fun. As mentioned above $1 a month gets you full access to Travel By Haiku. You can read it however you please. A little more gets you access to more of my short stories and longer works, both published and previously unpublished. For $50 a month, I’ll be the driver on your next road trip. It’ll be like Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters driving across the US in a modern day clown car. Send me some love. Really anything helps.

Thanks Patrons!