Donate to the dream and hire me to write poetry for you!


Hey friends, tomorrow I embark on a cross-country jaunt out to California with a fine crew of fellow wanderers. We’ll be doing poetry readings on our way out, as well as some farming and adventuring, so you’ll be sure to see my advances through this wild country spread across various social media outlets over the next few months, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

If you’re looking for a way to support my poetic antics, I’ve devised a plan to engage a broader span of people with my services as a DREAM POET FOR HIRE. Basically, this website Patreon ( functions much like a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign, only instead of a one time donation for an upcoming project, you would become one of my “patrons”, donating every time I post new content. To keep things interactive I will be fulfilling special commissions for anyone who would like to be a benefactor of mine, and as the community grows so will the quality and mediums of the work. You will not only be helping me continue to create, but directly guiding where things go.

The best part is I will continue to post most of my digital poetry for free to the public. The Patreon account will exist like a paid subscription for those who feel especially moved by my work and want to give something back. A lot of people have expressed gratitude to me over the last two years that I’ve focused my poetry online, for brightening their day or simply making their heart warm with a breath of fresh air with each post. If you’ve shared that sentiment, this is your chance to help me expand even further, and as a result receive some personalized dream poems. The campaign is set up so you can choose how much you donate per poem, and what is the maximum amount that you want to donate each month. I’d say a typical good donation per poem would be $1-5, and as more people donate the collective pot will grow, allowing me to expand what mediums I work in and how much time I spend on each piece. It is a dream to make a living as a writer, and I think this is a potential route for fulfilling that, but right now the goal is more about having fun and the ability to grow as an artist. All donations received will really go a long way in helping me pay for travel expenses, book production, and other literary expansions.

I’m really excited to start this project and begin working for you all! Anything (even just a thumbs up as support) would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or would like more information! Also please like and share this post with anyone you think would be interested, to help spread it. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to continue writing this grand fiction that I live and keeping you all in the loop! Looking forward to seeing some of you on the road. To everyone else, thank you, and keep up the good vibes!

Take care,
Ma Ja Ka.

Donate to the dream and hire me to write poetry for you!

Poetry Tour, end of September 2014


So, I’ve started planning the first leg of my road trip out to California with Willow Zef and Andrew Galati. This is the Northern Exposure where we go from city to city until we finally reach the plains to roam and graze until our bellies are so full of poetry the zen lunacy reaches a new plateau of humbleness. Give me a shout if you live in one of these areas along the below map and would like to set up a poetry reading for us, host us, or just point out to us something that we have to see! Also if we’re coming through your town, definitely come out to one of the performances.

This is my first time driving cross-country going west (I’ve spent most of my life driving around the east and midwest) and it hopefully won’t be the last. Excited to see you all and to find that American Dream going Further! Here are the dates and places we will be passing through:


9/21 Depart Philadelphia heading for Pittsburgh, PA
9/21-9/23 Hang in Pittsburgh and perform at the Autumnal Equinox Festival at the Bandi Shaum Community Garden
9/24 Columbus, Ohio
9/25 Oxford, Ohio or Cincinnati, Ohio
9/26-9/28 Indianapolis, IN to Chicago, IL
9/29 Milwaukee, WI
9/30 Minneapolis, MN or St. Paul, MN
10/1-10/3 camping in North Dakota
10-4-? ranching in Montana.

I’ll update the list as the tour solidifies.


Poetry Tour, end of September 2014