Ma Ja Ka at Artscape in Baltimore


a performance by Ma Ja Ka at Baltimore’s Artscape.
vine shot by Lee Tusman

This has to be the most celebrated experience I’ve had thus far with Ma Ja Ka. He has gone from a sad unicorn born into this reality to a truly jubilant dream body dancing to his own inner rhythm. To have these kids dancing with me was so incredibly fun. They kept saying things like, “Yo, is he real?” and “Yo! There’s a man inside that mask!!”. I took the one kid’s attempts to whack my nose as really having a hard time believing there was a real unicorn dancing in front of him. Unicorns, man. Far out stuff.

Ma Ja Ka at Artscape in Baltimore

Welcome to the inside of my mind.


So on the magic day of 4/20 I held a Good Vibes Party at my house. Once inside the Dream Oven, I led people into an installation inside the middle room which I kept referring to as “My Mind”. This was perhaps the first actual dream exhibition that I have ever held as it featured a tv installation based on a dream I had while in Berlin. Previously the so-called dream exhibitions I have hosted have been more about creating a dream space that engages the audience member into having their own dream. Here was something different! Something new! The audience was entering my own dream!

Over the last year, I have been working towards transparency and openness and it was very exciting to bridge this pursuit with my art acting as tour guide and telling viewers “This is my mind, this is what it looks like in there, welcome! Let me tell you about a dream I had!”


Welcome to the inside of my mind! You can enter and enjoy the ambiance below:

Welcome to the inside of my mind.

Ma Ja Ka, dream body, has entered the interweb

majaka2headerCreated as a dream body to satisfy Marshall James Kavanaugh’s waking sleeping endeavors, Ma Ja Ka has been wandering across the greater northeast for the better part of a year now. And yet he still has yet to leave a sizeable enough mark on the very unreal space of the internet. Sure there has been plenty of instagram photos, some youtube videos, a few tweets, and plenty of other tags on Facebook, but as of yet there has not been a concrete enough benchmark for his omniscient presence in the collective subconscious.

A very real tweet left by Terence J Harding, a passerby on the New York City L train, following Ma Ja Ka’s live subway performance along with Mariana J. Plick, Willow Zef, and other great circus performers.

Look no more, for he now has his own twitter feed and tumblr, as well as an Instagram. You can follow him either here or here or here. Enjoy!

Ma Ja Ka, dream body, has entered the interweb