Making Fire


This is a prototype flame for the revamped cover of my first collection of short stories “The Sleepers / A Midsummer Day’s Dream”. The flame is made up of the collaged image of a fire I helped stoke on top of a mountain in Binghamton, NY last April while on a book tour promoting this very book. Ten feet from the fire stood a tall weathered teepee and the scene resembled something out of A Midsummer Day’s Dream. Well, except for the last gasp rebirth orgasm that haunts Thomas Venireal through his untimely end.

It is my intention with digital renderings such as this to take a piece from a photograph of something very real and mold it into a greater surreality. My hope is to capture the essence of that specific moment and multiply it exponentially sharing its energy with others. It is like treating the reality as material and through a digital process reshaping it into a new one. The process for me feels very much like lucid dreaming, where anything is possible. Time can be frozen and certain aspects can be handled roughly, molded, and dyed creating a new environment. It is the dream labors of the digital generation.

If you would like to buy a copy of this book before the cover change, you can grab a copy here: The words deserve your attention, as they will transport you through a grand dream world of stark beauty. Enjoy!

Making Fire

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